World Wine Trade – YTD to September 2013

Volume of wine traded worldwide improves as prices gain stability.

Volume of wine traded worldwide improves as prices gain stability
  • The fall of Spanish exports in bottled and bulk wines, followed to a lesser extent by reductions of Italian and Argentinian exports, mainly in bulk, have not been compensated by quick and sharp reactions from Chile and South Africa.
  • Estimates for a larger production in the Northern Hemisphere limit price increases and improves sales in volume, with world revenues growing at a rate of 4.6% up to 26,176 million Euros.

The scarcity of the 2012 harvest still influenced figures for world wine trade up to September 2013. Less wine available pushed average prices up, generating a deep reduction in traded volumes, although an increase of world revenues. According to figures provided by official customs of the most relevant countries, collected by GTA and analysed by the OeMv, world trade for wine accounted at September (year to date) for an amount of 9.9 billion litres, valued at 26.2 billion euros, at an average price of 2.64 Euros per litre. As compared to figures on September 2012, total revenue increases 4.6%, while volume is down 2.8% and average prices are now a 7.6% higher than one year ago.

This report, based on official customs data analysed by the OeMv, shows the evolution of world wine trade in its three major categories (sparkling, bottled and bulk) for the 12-month period up to September 2013, paying special attention to the evolution of the 11 top wine exporters and their different evolution.

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Date of publishing: January 8th 2014

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