Presentación OeMv: 'Impact of COVID-19 on World Wine Markets'

Realizada en Ámsterdam el 22 de noviembre durante la celebración de la World Bulk Wine Exhibition


During the recent new World Bulk Wine Exhibition, that has taken place in Amsterdam on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 November, the Spanish Observatory of Wine Markets (OeMv) has presented the most recent data and trends on the evolution of international wine trade.

With figures up to September this year, data show a particularly complex situation. Wine, as the economy in general, is revering from a very deep recession provoked by COVID19. During the worst months oh the pandemic, international wine trade suffered a loss of more than 2 billion Euros. Recovery, however, is strong and world trade in value is now at historic record level above 32 billion Euros. Bulk wine, though, behaves in a very different way as compared to bottled wines. Recession was less severe during the pandemic and recovery is weaker, depending more on availability of wine (inventories) and size of harvest than on the evolution of final consumption.

The presentation, made by Rafael del Rey, General Manager at the OeMv, describes different segments within the bulk market, responding to different drivers. As regards to the potential evolution during the coming months, del Rey pointed out the great dependence on extreme variable crops in the top producing countries, the low production levels reached in 2021, facing what seems to be a strong demand; all of which should provoke a reaction on average prices, depending on the demand particularly in France.

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