Sparkling wine exports have more than doubled since the start of the new century.

Sparkling wine exports have more than doubled since the start of the new century
  • France continues to dominate the world sparkling wine trade, exporting 2.636 billion euro and 164.8 million liters of the product in the last year. It represents more than 56% of total sparkling exports, although, competition from Italy is growing fiercely.
  • Italian sparkling wine exports have experienced incredible growth in both value and volume since the turn of the century, rates of 365.6% and 235.8% respectively, and more than doubled Spanish sparkling exports at the close of 2014 in terms of value.
  • Spanish sparkling exports lost momentum in 2006 and are recovering slowly from the crisis with compound annual growth rates of 4.1% and 6.2% in value and volume, respectively.
This report gives detailed insight into world trade of sparkling wines and the development of this wine since 2000 in the workld market. It includes leading exporters, importers, and the ever-changing relationships between one another. Analysis in terms of value (€), volume (liters) and average price (€/l.).

Date of publication: July 21, 2015.
File format: PDF (25 pages).

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