Top world wine markets - Year 2013

13 Large importers of wine bought 76% of total wine volume in 2013.



13 Large importers of wine bought 76% of total wine volume in 2013
  • 13 top world wine importers decreased total purchases in 2013 by 2.4% in litres to 7.2 billion (equivalent to 801 million 9-litre cases) with total value stable (-0.2%) at nearly 20 billion euros and average prices growing to 2.71 € per litre due to relative scarcity of wine the previous year.
  • Cheaper sparkling wine – especially outside top importers – did pushed this category up in volume, and kept total costs at 4 billion Euros. Bottled wines remained stable while wines in containers of more than 2 litres suffered the largest price increase (7.6%), decreasing volume but moving revenues above 3 billion Euros.
  • USA leads the world ranking for wine imports in Euros, with Germany and the UK leading it in volume terms.
13 large importers: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, France, Sweden and Denmark. Hong Kong is not included, despite being eleventh, since most of its wine only comes from France and UK.
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